Interview with Sophie Robbins – Int’l Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Communicator

I have always been fascinated by the gift of Physic Communication. I know that everyone has the ability. But, whether people tap into it or not is ultimately up to them and where they are in their learning process on this earth. I enlisted my friend Sophie Robbins to answer some questions that I know a lot of you might like to read.

SG (Sammy’s Gourmet) When did you realize that you had a gift of physic  abilities?

As far as I can remember and that was many moons ago! Toddler hood…

SG: How long have you been doing this work?

I came out of the paranormal wardrobe while residing in Europe as an expat a couple years ago… my spirit guides told me to share my gifts openly to the world, that this was my calling as a profession…not a hobby…to be me…so I created a blog and website…I refer to it as my calling, that I finally came out of the psychic closet per say!

SG: Do you find it hard sometimes in a world with so many non-believers?

Of course but you reach a certain age in life where you decide that what matters is what is in your heart, that you must not let society dictate your every move. It is OK to be outside the box. Some of my immediate family members are my biggest critiques!

SG: What brought you to the realization that you could communicate with animals?

This would require me to write a book, which I might just do, do you think people would be interested in this type of story?

SG: How do you communicate with the animals; with pictures, words, vibrations or emotions?

All the above. I communicate with animals the way they communicate…using their 6th sense but I also communicate the way we humans know, which is touch, sound, body language. Animals are capable of speaking any language, they speak a universal language actually. They are so amazing and so much smarter then we are, we have much to learn from other species. They are so very patient with us humans.

SG: What is the most common thing that animal parents want to hear from their pets?

That they are happy….. What are they feeling….. Are their needs being met….  I also work with grieving pet parents that desire to be in touch with their pets after they have crossed the rainbow bridge. So whether alive or passed on, they all want to know: What, where, when how…

SG; And what is the most common thing that they want to tell their pets?

Its not so much what the human wants to tell their pet but what the pet wants to have translated to their human.

SG: Do you work with Veterinarians to help translate for the pet that has a health issue?

I can and would very much like to, I have met some vets that I am very aware they are animal communicators themselves, they just do not use the title but they should! There is one I’m certain is an animal communicator. I have not met him personally but we have exchanged emails/tweets and I have his personal autographed book called THE DOG DISH DIET. This man is probably a modern day Dr. Doolittle! You can find out more about him  and his book via my blog just type in the search field DOG DISH DIET. Interesting how his book and my blog are very similar THE DOGS DISH is my blog name, his book is THE DOG DISH DIET. I think I have met this man in a past life. I believe every dog owner should buy his book. The dogs told me to say this. I am not making any profit off this mans book by-the-way but believe strongly in what he has to say in it regarding food for our dogs. I want every dog owner to be aware and enlightened. His book, his findings, reinforces what I have known forever because the dogs tell me this is what they want!

SG:  What is the most remarkable reading that you have done so far?  That just blew your and your clients socks off?

I don’t like to wear socks. LOL Ok seriously… this too shall go into my future book…although client confidentiality is of utmost importance…I’ll have to change names like to Spot or something.

Thank you Sophie for great insight to what you do. If you want to know more about Sophie Robbins and her special communications with animals, you can visit her site at:

Also, if you want to know more about The Dog Dish Diet by Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM, please visit:

Always remember to feed your dog with love and a wise heart!


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