We were interviewed by Sophie Robbins!!!

We were interviewed by Sophie Robbins!!! Check it out! http://ow.ly/2WOXD

New addition to Sammy’s Gourmet. Annie

New addition to Sammy’s Gourmet. Annie’s Family Farm. #Dog treat mixes!! #pet #weloveourpets http://ow.ly/2InDd

Interview with Sophie Robbins – Int’l Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Communicator

I have always been fascinated by the gift of Physic Communication. I know that everyone has the ability. But, whether people tap into it or not is ultimately up to them and where they are in their learning process on this earth. I enlisted my friend Sophie Robbins to answer some questions that I know a lot of you might like to read.

SG (Sammy’s Gourmet) When did you realize that you had a gift of physic  abilities?

As far as I can remember and that was many moons ago! Toddler hood…

SG: How long have you been doing this work?

I came out of the paranormal wardrobe while residing in Europe as an expat a couple years ago… my spirit guides told me to share my gifts openly to the world, that this was my calling as a profession…not a hobby…to be me…so I created a blog and website…I refer to it as my calling, that I finally came out of the psychic closet per say!

SG: Do you find it hard sometimes in a world with so many non-believers?

Of course but you reach a certain age in life where you decide that what matters is what is in your heart, that you must not let society dictate your every move. It is OK to be outside the box. Some of my immediate family members are my biggest critiques!

SG: What brought you to the realization that you could communicate with animals?

This would require me to write a book, which I might just do, do you think people would be interested in this type of story?

SG: How do you communicate with the animals; with pictures, words, vibrations or emotions?

All the above. I communicate with animals the way they communicate…using their 6th sense but I also communicate the way we humans know, which is touch, sound, body language. Animals are capable of speaking any language, they speak a universal language actually. They are so amazing and so much smarter then we are, we have much to learn from other species. They are so very patient with us humans.

SG: What is the most common thing that animal parents want to hear from their pets?

That they are happy….. What are they feeling….. Are their needs being met….  I also work with grieving pet parents that desire to be in touch with their pets after they have crossed the rainbow bridge. So whether alive or passed on, they all want to know: What, where, when how…

SG; And what is the most common thing that they want to tell their pets?

Its not so much what the human wants to tell their pet but what the pet wants to have translated to their human.

SG: Do you work with Veterinarians to help translate for the pet that has a health issue?

I can and would very much like to, I have met some vets that I am very aware they are animal communicators themselves, they just do not use the title but they should! There is one I’m certain is an animal communicator. I have not met him personally but we have exchanged emails/tweets and I have his personal autographed book called THE DOG DISH DIET. This man is probably a modern day Dr. Doolittle! You can find out more about him  and his book via my blog just type in the search field DOG DISH DIET. Interesting how his book and my blog are very similar THE DOGS DISH is my blog name, his book is THE DOG DISH DIET. I think I have met this man in a past life. I believe every dog owner should buy his book. The dogs told me to say this. I am not making any profit off this mans book by-the-way but believe strongly in what he has to say in it regarding food for our dogs. I want every dog owner to be aware and enlightened. His book, his findings, reinforces what I have known forever because the dogs tell me this is what they want!

SG:  What is the most remarkable reading that you have done so far?  That just blew your and your clients socks off?

I don’t like to wear socks. LOL Ok seriously… this too shall go into my future book…although client confidentiality is of utmost importance…I’ll have to change names like to Spot or something.

Thank you Sophie for great insight to what you do. If you want to know more about Sophie Robbins and her special communications with animals, you can visit her site at: http://www.sophierobbins.com

Also, if you want to know more about The Dog Dish Diet by Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM, please visit: http://dogdishdiet.com/

Always remember to feed your dog with love and a wise heart!


Mossy - Our Lovey Dove

Well, I sure didn’t until I heard Mossy doing it one day last week. Over and over again he would inhale through his nose. It’s the strangest sound I have ever heard. None of my other dogs have ever done it. It kind of freaked me out.

I thought maybe that there was something stuck up in his nose and he was trying to get it out through his sinuses. I rubbed it carefully trying to help him. When I called the Vet and explained what I had witnessed they said that it’s normal and probably allergens in the air.  If it persisted for more than 5-10 minutes at a time and several times a day that I should bring him in for allergy medication. After his little episode I gave him his favorite treats and he went on his merry way like nothing happened.

Well, he hasn’t done it that often since so I am not too worried about it. But, boy if you haven’t heard it before, it’s an eye opener.  Here is a video from North Carolina State University College of Veterinarian Medicine showing this reverse sneezing.

Canola Oil and Your Dogs Health

Recently, I received an email from someone asking about the safety of using Canola Oil in the dog treats that Sammy’s Gourmet offers on our web site.  I figured I would post the answer so that others will know the truth about using Canola Oil in dog treats. Maybe this will help debunk the bad rap that Canola Oil has been getting.

I realize that there is so much information out there about dog nutrition. Some of it being mis-leading or altogether incorrect. Someone can give the wrong information and when it comes to your dogs health it can sometimes be dangerous.

That’s what I went through when researching the proper diet for our Sammy. I ONLY trust Veterinarian Colleges and Vet Nutritionists for any information when it comes to the health of an animal, no-one else. I ended up making my own dog food for Sammy here at home. Making sure that what she was going to eat was healthy and going to help her in her elder years keep weight on without adverse effects. With my Vets approval every step of they way.

First, I would like to say that here at Sammy’s Gourmet, we do not make our own dog treats. We support small women owned business’s that create gourmet dog treats that are healthy for your dog. We are strictly a retail operation. We thoughtfully screen the treats that we offer online and make sure that they are nutritious for your dog. Even making sure that there is a wheat free option for dogs with allergies to wheat and gluten.

Canola Flowers

To answer your question about the Canola Oil;

It contains Lineolic acid (omega 6), an unsaturated essential fatty acid that plays an important role in the regulation and functioning of every organ and cell in the body. Linoleic acid also helps to balance and heal the immune system as well as reduce inflammatory reactions such as those seen in arthritis and allergic reactions.

Canola oil is pressed from tiny canola seeds produced by beautiful yellow flowering plants of the Brassica family. Cabbages and cauliflower are also part of the same botanical family!

Canola was bred naturally from its parent rapeseed in the early 1970s. Canola, however, is NOT rapeseed – their nutritional profiles are very different. Along with olive oil, it is one of the most beneficial oils in its effect on good and bad cholesterol. Most of this info is from the Snopes article debunking the myth of Canola’s toxicity. See the related link below.

Olive oil is sometimes less costly and is definitely healthier for non-baking. But, Canola oil is better for baking than olive oil.


Here also is a link to UC Davis Veterinarian Medicine Dept. for more facts about nutrition for your dog.


I hope this helps clear up any misconceptions that are out there about using Canola Oil in baked dog treats.

With your permission, I am going to post this question / answer on my blog and web site to help others that may have the same question.

Thanks again for contacting us and keep the questions coming. It keeps me on my toes!

Afterthought; Canola Oil is also low in saturated fat and has no trans fats.

Apparently, there is also some discussions going on at the FDA regarding this very subject. As soon as I know more I will let everyone know any additional information that I receive.

Remember, feed your dog with love and a wise heart.

Snake Vs. Pet Sitter

How do I even begin!! Let me first start off by saying that I LOVE ALL animals, great and small. I even owned a Legless Lizard once when I was a teenager and named it Honeybun after a character in a Robert A. Heinlein book, Stranger in a Strange Land.

But, when it comes to unexpected visitors that have no arms and legs that’s a totally different story!

It all happened on Wednesday when I arrived at my clients home for my mid-day visit and play time… I opened the back door to be greeted by Malibu, a 5 1/2 month old Golden with a ton of energy. As we sat next to the back door greeting and giving each other love, I happen to catch something out of the corner of my left eye.  It was a HUGE SNAKE????? OMG!! Okay, so it was about 3 to 3 1/2 feet long. But, it was HUGE to me!

It was slithering from right behind us along the bottom of the house and was heading for the side planter.  I have not had this much adrenaline rush through my body since being at the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake! My legs went weak like Jello and my heart was racing….  I get chills just thinking about it now!! Ick!

At this point Malibu had turned around and saw the snake and started to dart for it.  I grabbed her collar and trying not to transfer my panic to her tossed her into the house. Then I looked for Shadow, her 14 year old sister who was asleep on the shady grass and got her inside the house as well.

I went back outside looked at the snakes tail to make sure that it wasn’t a Rattlesnake. Thank goodness it wasn’t.  It looked like a Garter Snake (pictured above).  At this point, the slithery little devil was in the side planter and going under the low palm that is planted there for cover from the sun. It was a particularly hot day and I’m sure it was looking for shade.

My heart was racing and I was shaking so bad I could barely think. I ran back inside instantly called my husband and asked him how soon he can come over to my clients house.  He told me he would be there in 30 minutes. In the meantime, I was to try to get a picture of the snake to text him so that he knew what kind it was he was going to have to wrangle.  I was also instructed to get gardening gloves, a shovel and a pillow case. This was turning out to be quite an adventure!!!

Once he got there. He geared up and we both went outside to hunt down Mr. Snake. We didn’t know quite what we were going to do wih him at this point but we had to locate him first.

So there we are out in the back yard…. Picture a handsome man if I do say so myself; in a dress shirt, dress slacks, dress shoes, with his Blackberry plastered to his side in a holster, wearing leather gardening gloves, holding a shovel climbing around in the planter. I on the other hand, was standing safely on the grass side of the planter at the ready with a pillow case. My husband even climbed down the back hillside thinking it may have followed the planter all the way down to that area.

Mr. Snake was not to be found. About 30 minutes later we aborted the snake removal mission.  At this point my nerves were calmed down a bit. My husband went about his day.  I left the pups inside the house until my next visit later that afternoon. So that if Mr. Snake wanted to make a run for it he had time.

I don’t know if there is a moral to this story… All I know is that I have to man up when it comes to the unexpected. I felt so silly after it was all over. 😉


A typical day in my life, by Cooper Jean

Did you say Frisbee????? I know you did!!!

That's it for me! I think I'll take my rabbit and take a nap...